Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kickstarter Project is a Success!

I was very apprehensive when I started the Kickstarter project for No Handoffs.  I despise asking for money for anything, even if I am giving something in return for some of that money.  In fact, while raising money for L'Arche Mobile for my 52 Marathons in 2006, I became so disenchanted with the entire thing I swore to never fund raise directly again.  I still haven't.

Sure, I have lent my name to projects like the Baltimore Marathon Charity Chaser and sundry other events but directly asking people for money is so horrific for me that it gives me hives. However, I was finally talked into do a Kickstarter project and I am pleasantly surprised. With just 101 backers we have already been able to raise over $5500 dollars. Considering my blog alone is viewed by over 20,000 people per month and I have 3700 Facebook friends and 1500 Twitter followers, I could look at the negative side of things and realize like 1/10th of a percent of people who follow what I do have backed the project. I tend, instead to look at these 1000 backers (and counting) who have thrown their weight behind this project.

"We need more movies about running!"

"I like you and what you represent. If I had the 5k to give you, I would have"

"Thanks for the advice a few months ago. Got really motivated, lost 65lbs and am running faster than I ever have before!"

These are just a few of the wonderful messages I have received. It warms my heart to know that I do not work in a vacuum and what I am trying to do, inspire others, is working. As it stands, I have about 10 more days in this Kickstarter project to see what else can be raised and I hope even more people look to be a part of making movie magic.

Come be part of it by clicking here!